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Select one of the following pricing plans or try Spendency without any tie-in period. You always have a free trial period of two weeks and can upgrade your plan at a later date.


There is no installation fee, apart from the annual fee, which is paid in advance. Categorisation and export script from ERP systems are not included. If you want help with the categorisation, we can offer a price for that separately. All prices are exclusive of VAT.


For smaller companies with 1-8 users
9 000EUR/year


For medium-sized companies with 9-15 users
12 500EUR/year


For companies with large purchasing organisations: 16 users and upwards
  • A complete solution that is ready to use
  • Full control of your own data
  • Continuous updates
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How it works

1. Start the trial period

You get a free workshop with us at Spendency. You then upload your own spend data or use our test data.

2. Evaluate for 14 days

You can test and evaluate Spendency for two weeks. You then sign a contract to continue for a specified time.

3. Continue to evaluate

Once you have signed the contract, you can continue to evaluate Spendency for the first 3 months. If you are not satisfied during that period, you can cancel the contract and pay a reduced fee.


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