We use cookies. That means that so-called cookies collect information regarding you when visiting our website. A cookie consists of a text file containing information that is saved on the device you are visiting a website with. According to the law regarding electronical communication (2003:389) all visitors must agree and be informed regarding how we use cookies on our website.

We use cookies for several purposes. Some cookies are necessary for our website to even be usable and to ensure that it is safe to use. Cookies are also used to make the website work properly and to gather statistical information, e.g. about how the website is being used.

We use three different types of cookies:

  • Permanent cookies
    The first type of cookies is a file that is saved permanently on your device and is used to enhance your experience when using the website. This includes for example the possibility for us to customize the website according to your wishes, choices and interests.
  • Session cookies
    The second type of cookies is a so-called session cookie that is used for us to be able to identify you during the time you visit the website. This cookie disappears after you’ve closed your browser.
  • Third party cookies
    The third type of cookies are provided by a third party to carry through web analytics and traffic measurements.


Furthermore our cookies and their use are categorized as follows

  • Necessary cookies
    Cookies that are needed to offer our basic services, i.e. to secure that you are able to utilize JavaScript. Our services wouldn’t work without these cookies.
  • Analysis cookies
    Cookies that gives us overall analytical information and statistics regarding the use of the website and the services we offer. These cookies are used for us to be able to analyse and streamline the website and our services.
  • Functionality cookies
    Functionality cookies makes it possible for us to save settings such as choice of language. Without this kind of cookies we wouldn’t be able to customize our services according to your wishes. These cookies are important as they are fundamental for the services we provide to work as well as possible, and for you to have a good experience of our services.
  • Safety cookies
    Safety cookies make our services and your data safe and secure by helping us detect fraud and protect your data. Since security is an essential part of our services these cookies are necessary.

We use the following cookies:

Domain name
NameUsageTypeDuration (days)
spendency.comhas_jsNecessary cookieSession cookie0
spendency.com_gaAnalysis cookiePermanent cookie730
spendency.com_gidAnalysis cookiePermanent cookie1
spendency.comfooter-cookieFunctional cookiePermanent cookie365


If you do not want any cookies saved you always have the possibility to change the settings in the browser you’re using. Turning off cookies might have an impact on your user experience of the website. If you have any questions regarding our usage of cookies you are welcome to contact us at info@spendency.com.