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Spendency and Visma Tendsign in Pre-connected cloud

Contract compliance is an important measure of most purchasing organizations. Contract compliance is especially challenging when working with indirect material and many organizations are struggling to measure and make contractual information available to the organization. We want to help our Spendency customers to work with contract compliance in an easy way by integrating Spendency with a contract management system. We want organizations to be able to choose best of breed applications and make them communicate without extensive integration projects. Therefore are now Spendency and Tendsign’s contract module integrated through a pre-connected cloud. An organization that has Tendsign´s contract module and Spendency can easily obtain, with just the click of a button, the requested information and is then able to follow the contract compliance in Spendency. A new dashboard will appear giving you 4 new graphs where you can analyze contract compliance by supplier and category, etc.

Want to know more about how it works, contact EFFSO or Visma.

Join Our Growing Team

We are looking for an entrepreneurial person, to join our small team of dedicated people to scale up our B2B SaaS solution Spendency and take it global. Find out more about the role and how to apply here.

Spend analysis in different categories and sectors

All spend analysis is the same, but some spend analysis are more the same than others. In this post we look at what the differences are between spend analysis in direct and indirect material categories and between private and public sectors organisations.


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