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Spendency and MediusFlow in Pre-connected cloud

Spendency and invoice management solution MediusFlow now has an exciting collaboration where both solutions are integrated through a so-called Pre-connected cloud. Organizations that manage their MediusFlow vendor invoices can quickly extract their spend data in just a few seconds, something that otherwise may take several weeks to do. Once you have received the spend data in this simple way, you have every opportunity to start working proactively with your spend and purchasing. The spend data can be transferred directly from MediusFlow to Spendency and in a few minutes you will be able to start working with and getting control over your spend. Spendency requires no installation nor any prior knowledge.

MediusFlow is an electronic invoice management system that gives the user increased automation, less manual work, smooth handling and better control. Businesses using MediusFlow can automate invoice management to the extent that up to 95% of supplier invoices reach final ordering without any manual work. Read more about MediusFlow here.

later this autumn we will invite to a webinar where we demonstrate and show the benefits of the two solutions and cooperation. If you already want to know more about the possibilities with MediusFlow and Spendency, contact Daniel Saraste at Medius: or Nils Lundgren at EFFSO and Spendency:

What are the benefits of a Spend Analysis?

A spend analysis is perhaps the most versatile analysis in all of procurement. Yet there are still people questioning if it is worth the investment in time and money. So in this post we explore the six most common benefits of a spend analysis: better performance through prioritisation, better performance by leveraging economy of skill and scale, following up on realised savings, ensuring compliance, better forecasting and budgeting and estimating environmental impact


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