Here you can see and read what some of our customers think.

"Before Spendency we used an Excel solution that required a great deal of manual work. That meant that we didn´t work as much with the spend as we should have. Spendency has given us the opportunity to really address our spend and we now have both control and transparency in a very smooth and efficient way."

Kenneth Österman, Chief Procurement Officer at Swedavia AB

"Spendency has made our daily work so much easier and more efficient! Before Spendency we had a quite complicated solution that required a great deal of maintenance. Now, with Spendency, it is fast, easy and very smooth to retrieve and communicate the information that we want."

Kent Mobrin, Purchasing Analyst at Svenska spel

"Before we used a very well-known system for handling our spend, but we chose to switch to Spendency. Spendency has good functionality, is very easy to administrate and we have the control ourselves and it is very cost effective. We are very pleased with Spendency!"

Peter Helinder, Head of Supply Chain Development & Support at SAS

"Before we didn´t have any system for handling our spend. Now, with Spendency, we have gotten an increased transparency and control at our costs. We now have the possibility to handle our category projects in a better and more effective way. We are very pleased with the system and the support we get from Spendency!"

Susanne Stenman - Cheif procurement officer at Klövern

"After several mergers, Aker BP's spend data was divided into three different financial systems. Spendency gave us the overview in a very short time and across all financial solutions. With Spendency's many relevant dashboards and intuitive user interface, implementation was quick. We find Spendency's agility in categorizing spending valuable because we can effectively categorize both historical and future spend."

Torgeir Brenne, Category Manager at Aker BP

Customers in the public sector: Jönköpings kommun, Jordbruksverket, Lantmäteriet, Landstinget Västernorrland, Riksdagsförvaltningen, Tullverket, Energimyndigheten, HY Helsingfors universitet, Högskolan Väst, Sollentunahem, Sveriges tekniska forskningsinstitut, Örebro läns landsting, Södermanlands läns landsting

Customers in the manucaturing industry: Arla plast, Envirotainer, Mycronic, Nibe, Permobil, Thermofischer, SCA, AkerBP, Sobi

Customers in construction and real estate: Arla plast, Envirotainer, Mycronic, Nibe, Permobil, Thermofischer, SCA, AkerBP, Sobi

Customers in products and services: ICA, Systembolaget, Proservia, Unibet, Teracom, Elite Hotels, Lernia, Parks & Resorts, Manpower, Swedavia, Länsförsäkringar, Skandia, Storebrand, Svenska kyrkan, Kunskapsskolan

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