Spendency is a cloud-based system built with security in focus

Spendency is a cloud-based system built with security in focus. By security, we mean both secure login for users and protection for the system against unauthorised use, hackers and other attacks.

A web-based service has many advantages over a traditional IT system. Spendency takes complete operational responsibility for the service. You do not have to worry about issues such as backup, system monitoring and installing updates. The system is also always available, as Spendency has access to extra capacity which ensures that you, the customer, are not affected by service disruptions.

Spendency is a private cloud-based service hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and only on servers within the EU. AWS is a portfolio of services for delivering IT systems in a reliable and efficient manner. Each installation of Spendency consists of a separate entity (called an “instance”) on Amazon AWS, and is thus completely shielded from other customers and from other installations of Spendency. AWS provides our infrastructure in the form of servers, storage space, networks, etc. This is supplied with a very high service level and on a very stable platform. This means that we can supply Spendency to you complete with excellent accessibility, redundancy and speed.

All login to Spendency is based on two-factor authentication. This means that the user must use both a password and a single-use code that is generated in a mobile phone to be able to log into Spendency. The password and the code from the mobile phone cannot be used separately from one another.

All communication to and from Spendency is encrypted. All traffic between the various subsystems in Spendency is also encrypted. Encryption is performed using 2048-bit RSA certificates and 256-bit AES encryption (SSL or TLS, depending on your browser).

If you have specific questions or concerns about how this works, there is a Security White Paper that, if you are interested, you can read before implementing the system.


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