Pre-connected cloud

Spendency is integrated with a number of other systems, among others: systems for contract management and invoice management.

To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we have integrated Spendency with a number of other systems on the market.

Spendency and invoice management solution MediusFlow is integrated through a pre-connected cloud. Organizations that manage their vendor invoices in MediusFlow can easily get access to their spend data in just a few seconds, which otherwise may take several weeks. Once you have received the spend data in such an easy way, you have every opportunity to start working proactively with your spend and purchases. The spend data can be transferred directly from MediusFlow to Spendency and requires no installation, nor any prerequisites.
MediusFlow is an electronic invoice management system that gives the user increased automation, less manual work, smooth handling and better control. Businesses that use MediusFlow can automate invoice management to the extent that up to 95% of supplier invoices reach final ordering without any manual work. Read more about MediusFlow here.


Spendency and contract management system Visma Tendsign is integrated through a pre-connected cloud. We help our customers to work with contract sompliance in an easy way by integrating Spendency with a contract management system. An organization that has Tendence’s contract module and Spendency can easily obtain the requested information and can, without effort, follow the contract sompliance in Spendency. A new dashboard will appear presenting you 4 new graphs where you can analyze contractual reliability by supplier and category, etc.


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