Spendency has been designed by the employees of EFFSO. These are people who work on managing spend data every day.

Developed by users for users

Spendency has been developed by people who have been working on managing spend data for many years. We have experience from several other system solutions but do not feel that any of these have met our needs. Therefore, our focus has been on creating a tool that:

  • Allows the user to easily manage the data they want to process
  • Is intuitive to navigate and work with
  • Maintains a price level that allows everyone to work on spend analysis in the right way


EFFSO are experts when it comes to purchasing, and we want our clients to become experts too. EFFSO is made up of qualified, dedicated employees, all with a background in the field of purchasing. We have a large network in the purchasing world, and when things happen in this field, we are the first to know what, how and when. We offer our clients solutions within recruitment, training, interim management, consulting and outsourcing. We also offer a cloud-based tool for spend analysis, called “Spendency”. As we want to share our knowledge, we place a great deal of our toolbox online, free for everyone to use. EFFSO has a turnover of approximately SEK 100 million and we now have around 80 employees spread between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.


Do you have any questions about Spendency or do you need help to get started?
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