About Spendency

Spendency is an easy-to-use spend analysis solution aimed at companies and organisations who want to gain more control over their cost base.

A smart tool for spend analysis

Spendency is an excellent solution for purchase managers who want an overview of the company’s cost trend, and category managers who want to study and structure the categories that are processed in detail. It is also a great tool for communicating within your organisation and see how your costs develop over time. Why not start working with Spendency now!

No installation

Spendency is suitable for everyone and is now used by companies and organisations within vastly divergent sectors. The reason for performing spend analysis is shared by everyone who wants to work proactively on purchasing. The method for structuring and visualising your costs is the same no matter where you are.

As Spendency is a cloud service, you do not need to install anything. It requires no integration, so it is not a major IT project. This has many advantages over time. Above all, it makes your day-to-day operations easier. The tools are the very best, and you always work with the latest version. You do not need to worry about upgrades or servers, and the system will always be accessible, wherever you are. You take data from your ERP system in accordance with instructions supplied by us. With a single login, you can access the tool immediately and from any PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Spendency is very easy to use and requires no training. We will show one or more of you who will actively work on administering your data how to use a variety of handy functions.

User friendly

Spendency helps you to keep track of and analyse your spend superbly.  The system is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge.

Spendency is an intuitive drag & drop tool. You simply upload your own spend data to the tool and the system helps you to check and group the information. You can quickly analyse your data thanks to the simple and visual interface. You can view your data from different time scales, compare with previous periods, and continuously switch between different analytical perspectives in our dashboard environments, which, for example, allow you to focus on one category, supplier or transaction perspective.

The tool works equally well whether you:

  • Are a small or large purchasing organisation
  • Are in one country or several countries reporting in different currencies
  • Are an industrial, service or construction company, or something else
  • Work in the public or private sector

Clear analyses

You simply decide for yourself how you want to pare your analysis. You can then export to any desired format so you can easily use your material in presentations or carry out other entirely independent analyses of your data.

Choose which category you want to examine more closely using the category tree, and over what period using the time period selector. You then decide what type of information you want to examine more closely. Spendency has different dashboards that provide the user with different perspectives. The system allows you to view the spend analysis from the perspective of category, supplier, transaction, organisation and compliance. Each dashboard contains a number of graphs and in total there are close to 50 preset graphs in Spendency, depending on how much data you have to show. This makes it very easy for everyone in the organisation to use and understand, and means that all data is always available.

All the graphs can be magnified to allow more in-depth analysis of the input data, to create comparisons with a different period, etc.

In conjunction with this, it is possible to filter out data so that the spend analysis only shows a selected part of the organisation, based on subsidiary, cost centre, projects or some other value you choose to add to your spend analysis.

There are also supplier charts that illustrate the purchasing pattern from a particular supplier clearly and in an informative way.

Fact based approach

Using Spendency for spend analysis means you will always have a factual basis for strategic purchasing work. You can see and measure the effects in neutral amounts from your own data, and it is easy to share your insights with other stakeholders in your organisation. Demonstrating the tangible value that purchasing provides has never been easier.

We promise you:

  • Full control, structure and overview of your spend
  • An easy system with a clear interface
  • Easy control, analysis and follow-up
  • Quick and easy installation, the system is ready for use immideately
  • A very safe and cost effective system

Access rights

The access rights in Spendency means that the system can be divided into two: Administration mode – in which you upload and process the data so that it is distributed in the way you want and Analysis mode – in which you analyse the data.

Within the system you can set up at least three different types of access rights: Administrator – who has access to everything in the system; Purchaser – who has access to the analysis page, can export to Excel, and can see supplier agreements, and Reader – who can see all the information on the analysis page but cannot download data to Excel or access supplier agreements.

The latter two access groups, Purchaser and Reader, can also be further restricted. They can be restricted so that they only have access to certain parts of your organisation, based on subsidiary, cost centres, projects, or some other parameter that you may have set in your spend data file. The same type of restriction may also be applied based on your own category tree so that an individual user can only access certain categories.

When you log in, you initially arrive at analysis mode, regardless of what access rights you have.

Try Spendency for 14 days

It’s always easier to try something yourself to see what you think. We have prepared a demo data file that you can use, or you can use your own smart data. You always have a free trial period of two weeks and can upgrade your plan at a later date.