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Tradeshift and Spendency Announces Strategic App Solution to Provide Effective Spend Analysis

Spendency and Tradeshift announces a Strategic App Solution for spend analysis and their first customer: Swedish food retail company Axfood. Spendency, the most user friendly spend analysis solution, will be available as an app on Tradeshift’s plattform. By joining the Tradeshift platform, the Spendency app will be able to utilize the large amount of spend data flowing through the network to provide customers, like Axfood, with valuable spend information, tools to analyze the data, and insight to make strategic decisions. This partnership will also allow Spendency to reach customers globally, providing spend insights from end-to-end.

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Spend analysis in different categories and sectors

All spend analysis is the same, but some spend analysis are more the same than others. In this post we look at what the differences are between spend analysis in direct and indirect material categories and between private and public sectors organisations.


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