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Scottnordic named Spendency partner on the Danish market.

Spendency and Scottnordic have as of June 4 entered into a strategic partnership for the Danish market where Scottnordic will be reseller of the Spendency tool. With the skills in strategic sourcing and category management possessed by Scottnordic, Danish clients will receive an excellent support in implementing one of the most customer friendly and easy to use spend analytics tools available on the market.

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What are the benefits of a Spend Analysis?

A spend analysis is perhaps the most versatile analysis in all of procurement. Yet there are still people questioning if it is worth the investment in time and money. So in this post we explore the six most common benefits of a spend analysis: better performance through prioritisation, better performance by leveraging economy of skill and scale, following up on realised savings, ensuring compliance, better forecasting and budgeting and estimating environmental impact


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