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Spendencys website gets a new look and Spendency gets a new logo.

Spendencys website gets a new look and Spendency gets a new logo. Now we carry out a facelift of Spendency. The entire site looks better, leaner and smarter. Spendency has a new logo and soon a new colour scheme will be introduced in the tool itself. Everything to make it easier for you as a new customer or user to read about and work in Spendency.

Spend analysis in different categories and sectors

All spend analysis is the same, but some spend analysis are more the same than others. In this post we look at what the differences are between spend analysis in direct and indirect material categories and between private and public sectors organisations.

Spendency featured in Raconteur and The Times

Spendency features in the latest Raconteur focusing on Supply Chain Innovation. We hope to encourage more organisation to adopt a data driven way of working but also to avoid the most common pitfalls when considering new analytics technology. In short user friendliness should by first, second and third as the system’s primary function is to augment the performance of procurement professionals, not do the work for them.


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