Onventis has acquired Spendency

Onventis, the Source-to-Pay procurement suite provider acquires Spendency, strategically expanding its product offering. The acquisition is backed by software investor Main Capital Partners (“Main”). The Spendency and Onventis leadership teams share a common vision of growth with the aim of becoming a leading European software group, while also transforming the field of purchasing and finance through a single digital spend management ecosystem.

Spend analysed

Developed by users for users

Spendency was designed by people with extensive experience in purchasing and spend data management. We are passionate about delivering a system that: Allows users to manage their own data, is intuitive and simple to work in and which is available at a price level that allows everyone to work with spend analysis in a correct way.

Who needs Spendency?

Spendency is aimed at companies and organisations wishing to gain control over their costs. It is an excellent solution for purchase managers who wants an overview of the company’s cost trend, and category managers who wants to study and structure the categories that are processed in detail.

How it works


Quick installation

In Spendency you can easily create your own category structure or use our best-practice tree. Upload and categorise your own spend data using drag & drop.


Pre-connected cloud

Spendency is integrated in a pre-connected cloud with MedusFlow and Tendsign.


Clear analyses

All graphs are generated automatically, and you can export everything to any desired format.